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Welcome to International Schools Committee of Egypt Website


The ISCE 'Code of Ethics' mainly defines basic ground rules for all members aiming for the maximum benefit for teachers, students and parents.

ISCE members are committed to serve all their stakeholders maintaining high standards in all areas. Examples of good practices are listed below, but not limited to:

Teachers' Employment:

  1. Not to accept the application of a contracted teacher during the academic year.
  2. Not to accept the transfer of teachers from one school to the other without a letter of recommendation and/or a certificate of experience from their former school.
  3. Not to accept financial bargains for teachers between members of the committee.

Transfer of Students:

  1. Not to accept transfer of students before the submission of all required documents (stamped and sealed report cards, transcripts, and approval of transfer).
  2. Not to accept transfer of students without a behavioural report from the former school.
  3. Not to accept the transfer of KG students without the required documents for transfer.